Group Events

Do you want to treat your office, church, sports team, or other group to a unique and active event? Then Escalade is the perfect place for you! We know exactly how to pack extreme fun into a group setting! 


  • Private guide(s)

  • Rental harnesses  


$23 per person for 5-9 climbers

$20 per person for 10-14 climbers

$18 per person for 15-19 climbers

$15 per person for 20+ climbers*

$12 per person for 30+ climbers* 

Climbtopia is available to add-on for $2 per climber.

Escalade Rock Climbing requires a deposit equal to HALF of the event fee (based on the number of your climbers) to be put down. This payment is NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason. In the event that a reservation holder should simply cancel or "no-show" for a reservation, the deposit provided at the time of reservation is forfeited to Escalade Rock Climbing. 


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