Outdoor Stewardship Program


Team Escalade prides itself on being dedicated to preserving and instilling the values laden in outdoor stewardship. Team members continually have the opportunity to be involved in Team Escalade’s Outdoor Stewardship Program which focuses on keeping local climbing areas clean. Often times these efforts are in conjunction with events put on by the Southeastern Climbers Coalition as they are the leading local organization for the restoration and development of local climbing destinations. Other times Team Escalade acts on its own accord and sends a crew of coaches, team members, and parents out into the field to facilitate trail days and trash pickup. Team Escalade recognizes the need for volunteer work in the climbing community with regards to outdoor stewardship and strives to be a model for all of those who care to take up this amazing sport. This program is unique to Team Escalade and proves to be another facilitator of character, responsibility, and maturity for team members.