Hound Ears - Triple Crown

Outdoor update:

Bouldering season is here! The temps were perfect to test out your recent training in the gym. A few members of the community went out and crushed it at Hound Ears this past weekend. THREE of our OG Escalade Crew (Kacy Martin, Josh Martin and Austin Smith) placed at the Triple Crown Comp and we couldn’t be be happier! It’s always nice to hear the success stories of our members crushing their outdoor projects.

If you haven’t been to Hound Ears you are missing out! Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to go next year, as it is only available to climb at Triple Crown! :)

Visit https://www.facebook.com/triplecrownbouldering/ to sign up for the next events!

Hound Ears is located in a gated community in North Carolina.

Bouldering Rocks


As prime bouldering season creeps closer, climbers everywhere are venturing outdoors

more and more. The early morning temps are getting colder, and it’s got us all excited.

Triple Crown is coming up soon and Float the Boat is just around the corner. So, with

that said, are you ready? How can we get ready?

I’d say there are a few obvious items one should always have going out bouldering:

• Shoes

• Crash pad

• Chalk/chalk brush

• Water bottle

• Snacks

Extra stuff that is useful:

• Nail clippers

• Tape

• Giddy, Boulder Balm, etc.

• Bug spray/Sunscreen

• Chapstick

• Crag dog or cat

• Beverages

• Hand/foot warmers

Unless you are a free soloing barefoot climber with Spiderman hands and no need for

sustenance, you’ll need the above items to not only have a good time, but to survive. The

second list of items are things I’ve found myself needing and later adding to my climbing

pack. If you are a new climber, don’t stress about having to buy all these at once. More

than likely, there will be other climbers you go out with that have crash pads, tape, nail

clippers, and such. The biggest thing, in the beginning, is to own shoes and chalk!

You’ll find all types of people and their ways of dealing with the weather. Everyone has

their own favorite go-to outer wear for the cold temps. They either layer like they’re a

part of a circus act or they are fortunate enough to have a thin weight coat/hat that

keeps in all the heat. Personally, I am a proud member of the traveling boulder circus,

because I’m the type of individual that makes anything and everything, including

clothes. I listed above, hand and foot warmers. If you don’t use them already, you are

missing out on a good way to slow the process of losing your sanity to the cold. I, for

one, am not a big fan of the cold. It makes myself, and I know many others, very grumpy

and therefore not in the right state of mind to send a project. So, please, bulk up on the

warmers, beanies, jackets, and scarves and we will get each-other through this season!

We can’t wait to get out in the elements with all of you this season. You might even get

featured in a future blog post! * gasp * ;)


Escalade Rock Climbing Gym - Kennesaw


Member Interview - Corey Jourdan

I had the pleasure of interviewing climber, Corey Jourdan this past week! He was very nice to take the time and record a short video and answer a few questions I had quickly prepared.

You can find Corey at Escalade Kennesaw 5, if not, 7 days out of the week with his lovely wife, Mary, and sweet daughter, Lucia. They bring the already present feeling of family at the gym to an all time high when they step through those doors. While Corey and Mary climb, Lu plays around the gym and brings smiles to everyone’s faces. If you’re lucky, she will learn your name and say hello every time she sees you!

Clearly, climbing plays a big part in their lives and has for many years now. Corey himself has climbed for over 12 years and has the technique and wisdom to prove it! He enjoys technical beta-intensive face climbs, as we all saw to be true at the Chuff Fest 2019 Finals when he climbed a problem statically after everyone else was going for it dynamically. When he is having issues with a move, whether it is a boulder problem or sport route, he works the beta! Corey finds the point where he fails and works it until he can’t! Since he is an experienced climber, Corey also uses the hangboard to train and strengthen areas needing improvement.

When asking him what his favorite “type” of climbing was it took him a minute to decide between bouldering and sport, so I gave him a hypothetical:

“If you were on an island and you only had one type of climbing you could do for the rest of your life, what would it be?” He asked, “Would Mary and Lu be there?” Enthusiastically, I answered, “Of course!” Bringing him to the easy conclusion, “Okay, then that means I’d have someone to belay me, so I would have to go with sport.” Which is, in his opinion, the most pure and fulfilling form of climbing.

Even after saying this about sport climbing, he does thoroughly enjoy bouldering, especially at Horse Pens 40, AL and Yosemite, CA. I know most of us fellow climbers would agree when I say Corey is not only an outstanding climber and friend, but an awesome father and husband as well. Thanks Corey for inspiring us all and being a part of the Escalade Family!

~ Koko

Escalade Rock Climbing Gym - Kennesaw


CHUFF FEST 2019 was a complete success! We had amazing climbers come out and join the try-hard. The Open and Advanced finals were INSANE with all the finalists crushing it under the intense pressure of the crowd and spotlight. Thank you to all the climbers, volunteers and spectators who came out to chuff it up! You can find the results for Chuff Fest 2019 here.


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