Mentorship Program

Team Escalade’s Mentorship Program is centered on the premise that kids have the strength and capacity to step into a leadership role at a foundational age which invariably lends itself to learning lifelong lessons related to character, maturity, and interpersonal skills.  
Team Escalade climbers who are on Levels 2 and 3 have the unique opportunity to be involved in Team Escalade’s Mentorship Program. This program allows team members who exhibit high levels of motivation, dedication, and maturity to step into a leadership position with respect to their fellow teammates. Team Escalade coaching staff regularly discuss and decide which team members are best suited for a Level Leader position. Both Level 2 and 3 will always have two Level Leaders at any given time. Level Leaders take on several additional responsibilities in comparison to the average team member in that they facilitate team stretches at the beginning of each practice, regularly consult with coaching staff throughout practice about lesson plans, help develop lesson plans under the supervision of coaching staff, facilitate climbing related lessons and exercises for their teammates, and set the standard for behavior, maturity, and leadership for Team Escalade.