Josh Martin - Head Coach


Josh Martin began his climbing career 7 years ago while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of West Georgia. Quickly falling in love with the movement and physical and mental demands of climbing, Josh took his passion outside to test his abilities on real rock. Consequently, Josh has extensive experience in both indoor and outdoor styles of climbing.
Coming from a strong background in Mental Health, Counseling, and Psychology Josh brings a unique aspect to coaching in that he views Team Escalade as a program that not only fosters world class athletes, but perhaps more importantly as providing an environment that fosters personal growth, confidence, sense of purpose, and the skills necessary to learn from mistakes and life’s seemingly never ending challenges. 
Upon receiving his Masters in Psychology Josh began work as a psychotherapist where he worked with kids from the ages of 5-18 years of age. In general, Josh’s work as a counselor largely revolved around mindfulness and physical movement, ultimately pulling him into the world of coaching. Josh continually utilizes mindfulness in his coaching methods and is a firm believer in the benefits of healthy mind on an athlete’s performance. 
Additionally, Josh is the Head Route Setter at Escalade Rock Climbing Gym and is actively involved in the setting world of USA Climbing. Josh currently has his Level 1 Route Setter Certification through USAC and is making strides to receive his Level 2 Certification by continually setting for USAC Local Competitions as well as USAC Championship level competitions. 
Some notable climbing accolades of Josh’s climbing outdoors include: Spanky V8 Stone Fort TN, Tractor Traylor V8 Rocktown GA, The Vagina V8 Rocktown, Swamp Sauce V8 Rocktown, Burst of Joy V9 Rocktown, Paintcan Sit V9 Boat Rock GA, Low Throw Left V9 Little River Canyon AL, Hustle and Flow V10 Hospital Boulders AL.