Adult Climbing Classes

Regardless of your skill level as a climber, Escalade has a class for you.  We offer you the perfect environment to heighten your abilities with some of the most challenging in-door climbs in the Southeast.  Come and see why we believe that climbing is the perfect alternative to weight lifting. Take advantage of our facilities for a total mind and body workout. 

Adult Class
Monday & Wednesday 8-9pm
Ages 16+

Drop In Rate is $20 (includes day pass)

A successful climb promotes the perfect harmony of body and mind—strength training and improved coordination and flexibility balanced with relentless problem solving and independent thinking.  Escalade offers a fun and challenging class for adult beginner and intermediate climbers looking to develop and enhance those skills.  

In this class climbers will learn technique while developing strength and endurance. The primary focus is to learn belay technique and to understand the basics of climbing and climbing terminology.  If you are looking to try climbing for the first time or looking for a workout to challenge all your muscle groups– this is your class.
No experience or previous climbing knowledge is required, only a willingness to learn.  All skill levels are welcome.  

Private & Lead Classes:
Please call to schedule your time
Private Classes $35 per person/hr.
Lead Class $40 per person - duration of class is dependent on experience level of participant(s)

Belay Certification Classes:
Please call to schedule your time: $15 per person + Day Pass.  A minimum of 2 people are required.
Belay Orientation Classes:
$5 per person, no appointment necessary, but please call ahead for availability.